True meaning of life!

The desires and the despairs of human nature along with the pride of worldly pleasures have made it difficult for the wisest man to tell what human happiness was or what consists of happiness. The infinite goodness of God satisfies all our desires by a revelation made to the world through His Son Jesus Christ.

Before this, the man was a mere riddle to himself and his condition was in confusion and darkness. He was a restless inhabitant of a miserable, disordered world, walking in hopeless shadow and distressing himself in hopelessness. The light, Jesus Christ has dispersed all these anxiety of the hopeless assumptions of a human being. It has also brought us acquainted with God, by bringing heaven to earth and eternity to be reachable.

It has opened such a glorious view where in this present condition we will have full peace of God that passes all understanding. So the Excellency of Christianity proposes purification of souls, it also sets us before new goods and evils. In addition, it forms us to glorious participation of the divine nature. It separates us from worldly tempers, delivers us from the foolishness of our passions, slavery of our own natures and unite us to God, the true fountain of all goodness.

This is the mighty change that Christianity aims to put in us, which is mainly a new state, reform, our nature, purify our souls and make us the heirs of heaven. Jesus said, “I am the way, truth and life and no man comes to father but by me”. When I read that verse I realise the depth of how fallen we are and how important is for us to have a mighty mediator to recommend our repentance.

As we are corrupted by sin, self-denial is necessary because human nature must be unmade before entering the kingdom of God. When we are newly born, we are receiving the Spirit of God in us. Therefore, we must behave, fear, watch and pray like someone who is always in danger of eternal death. We must also believe, hope, labour and aspire like the saints called to fight the good fight of faith and lay hold on eternal life.

The Christian life is strengthened by spiritual grace, faith and hope. Therefore, even though the natural man is engaged in earthly cares and enjoyments, he will not forget the great and heavenly condition in which he is placed. As the Bible says “In God we live, move and have our being”. We are raised to have a new life in Christ to participate in divine nature and fellowship with Him in glory.

Jesus prays to God “They also may be one in us”. Are we able to understand the heart of Jesus in this prayer? Therefore, our hearts must always have this prayer and souls must always seek this state of perfection, the union of Christ in God.

If you remember, that you are in the body only to be holy, humble and heavenly minded, that you are standing upon the brinks of death, resurrection and judgement, and if all these things come to you suddenly like a thief in night then you will know and realise the vanity in all these worldly pleasures and fortunes.

Therefore, when we see in the light of the word of God about what Christ has brought into the world, then nothing in this world will concern us. We will be more concentrating on our everlasting spirit going to God. None of the worldly pleasures will be worthy when you realise the above truth and we will be seeking to be perfect in the character that takes us to heaven.

God bless!

–  Julie Tanish


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