Governing Board
The church is governed by the Senior Pastor, Elders and Governing Board members. The Senior Pastor with the Elders is responsible for providing spiritual oversight and ensuring the ongoing health and growth of the church and its ministries. The Governing board members assist with day-to-day administrative tasks under the leadership of the Senior Pastor and Elders. Please see below a short profile of the Senior Pastor, Elders and Governing Board Members;

Ps Wills Thomas
Pastor Wills Thomas Founder and Senior Minister of Lifespring Church, Melbourne. Having responded to the call to ministry at a very young age, Pr Thomas was involved in conducting various youth activities. He was blessed to train with the pastoral ranks of leading congregations in India.
He became a pastor at 30 and has served the church as the senior pastor for more than 9 years.
Pr. Thomas graduated from Harvest Bible College, Melbourne, Australia in 2004, receiving an M.A degree in Ministry. He also holds a Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) degree from Faith Theological Seminary, India, and a PG Diploma in Ministry from Hebron Bible College, India.
As the Senior Pastor at Lifespring, Pastor Wills Thomas oversees Lifespring and its affiliate ministries including Ballarat Christian Assembly. His calling includes evangelism, pastoring, teaching God’s Word, and connecting with people of all ages and cultures. He is an ordained and licensed Pastor of Australian Christian Churches (ACC).

Binu Sam
Binu Sam has served as an elder since the beginning of the church and assists with running the Malayalam Service of Lifespring Church.

Dr. Blesson Abraham
He has served on the Eldership team since the inception of the Church in 2017. He currently serves as the Ministry Elder responsible for the Kids & Youth, Young Adults, Women’s, and Prayer ministries @ Lifespring Church.
Prior to his move to Australia in 2012, he served as a Trustee and was a Board Member of their local Church in Manchester, UK  from 2004-2012.

Suju James
Suju has been an elder since the beginning of the Lifespring Church. His main area of focus is the administration of the Church.

Bipin Abraham
Bipin Abraham has been serving in the Eldership team for Lifespring Church since its inception. Bipin oversees the work related to Evangelism, Outreach, Missions, and Charity for Lifespring Church.

Jeswin Samuel
Jeswin Samuel has served on the Governing Board since February 2021. Jeswin serves the Governing board as the Secretary, of LifeSpring Church.
Jeswin is involved in the administrative affairs of the Church and works closely with Senior Pastor and Elders team.

Giju K George
Giju is serving the church as Treasurer since 2021. He has also served as the Auditor of the church since 2017.
Giju is looking after the financial administration of the church and works with Senior Pastor and the Elders team.
He represents the church within the community, with banks and customers.