Life Connect Group

Life Connect Group

This is a place where friends become family. At Life Spring Church, we value the importance of being a community that supports and help people as a demonstration of God’s love.

The group gathers at a different location each Friday and has a capacity of 12-15 people. The group typically gets together over a meal to spend time in worship, praying for one another, sharing stories of what GOD is doing in and through them. The evening will also include a study from a small group bible series with interactive discussion around Life’s questions and challenges and seeking biblical truths to apply in our situations.

Life connect is aimed at singles, couples and families alike with each session including games or activities for adults & kids as well. Life Connect also organize recreational and social outings once every 3 months to build relationships and grow in friendship.

So if you are looking for a small group to go to on a Friday evening, Life Connect is the place to be, we look forward to having you at our session in the near future.

Please contact Samson Thomas on 0434 563 587 or email for more details