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Come join us as we spend a weekend together talking, laughing, singing, eating, playing games, planning, preparing, praying, learning the scriptures and worshipping. It is certainly the most happening place to be. It is packed to the rafters with enthusiastic folks from all ages. The service is so exhilarating that it causes windows to rattle, walls to shake and roofs to crumble. This overwhelming energy is a spectacle to witness!

It is the best place to express yourself and showcase your talents. Your mind will find peace, your heart will find lasting friendships and your soul will find its home.

Save the date: 8th-10th April 2020

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LifeSpring Camp 2020
Date: 8th - 10th April 2020
Time: TBA To TBA
Address: 47 Hoddle St, Yarra Junction VIC 3797

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